Ed Lynes is a founder and partner at Woden, a group of narrative architects and brand storytellers based in Philadelphia, PA.

I spent the first 21 years of my life living in the wonderful city of Boston, and still cling to it as home. Like all of my childhood friends, I dreamed of one day living in the state of New Jersey, and made it happen in 2005, thanks to my good friend Dan McDonough.

Dan had started a little newspaper company called Elauwit, and needed someone to come sell ads. Even at 21, I fancied myself an entrepreneur, and imagined riches for myself in the 21st-century growth industry of print media. In seven years we defied all odds and built the company from a single community newspaper in Haddonfield, NJ, to fourteen newspapers and the largest media organization in southern New Jersey. We exited Elauwit Media in 2016, and may be the last people to ever make money in the newspaper industry. 

During that time, Elauwit merged with a sister company, Elauwit Networks. I jumped over to that business where I ran sales for a bit, before heading to Al Dia News Media for a bit to run their sales and marketing. 

Woden was born over a few too many drinks with Dan one evening, when we realized our own frustrations about best positioning our own organizations was not being addressed elsewhere. In three years, we've help over 100 organizations craft their narrative (the StoryKernel™), and worked them them to consistently implement that message in every facet of the business through their unique StoryGuide™. Woden is the leader in converting fans into evangelists through the power of story.

What do I do, other than work?

Not much. Here's a peek into my life:

My Wheaten Terrier, Bailey, and love of my life Kira, are my partners in crime. 

The Boy Scouts of America deserves most of the credit for who I am today, and consumes the lion's share of my free time. Almost all of my best friends came to me through Scouting, along with many of the skills I count on each day. I serve as a vice president of the board for the Garden State Council, and in a number of roles for the national organization. And yes, I am an Eagle Scout.

If you know me, you'll know I'm a club man. I'm an active Freemason, a member of the Philadelphia Club, the Union League of Philadelphia, the St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia, and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Whatever part of me isn't from Scouting is a testament to my Jesuit education: I'm a proud alumni of Boston College High School. I have been recognized as a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

Feel free to contact me through this site; if you're looking to have a conversation, bourbon is usually a good place to start.