The loss of black wealth and other links

90 minutes to go in your Friday on the East Coast. Here's more than enough reading to make sure you can stop working altogether for the week!

The staggering loss of black wealth due to the subprime scandal
Holy crap. If there's one thing you read this week, this is it. I found this article on Tuesday, and have returned to and re-read it twice since then. It's absolutely astounding the way the effects of the great recessions have continued to hammer the black community, and how there's been virtually no recovery at all.

The underemployed and labor market data
Bloomberg did a piece this week on how the Fed is not accurately looking at the underemployed when reporting on the labor market. The result is a picture that's a lot rosier than it really is; MBA's flipping burgers can't count as "employed" if we're going to get the economy back on track.

Mapmaking via social media
I'm a sucker for any article that has neat data visualization. This is an article that uses information from social networks to map attitudes across the country, and in many cases, the results are surprising.

Why Kobe is killing the Lakers
Between Grantland's awesome (and sadly, aborted) previews and Twitter, I'm completely jazzed for the NBA season to start. Reading this article about Kobe's impact on the Lakers, and their inability to get competitive thanks to him, was great. Since the Celtics are going to be so terrible, I take great pleasure in other team's miseries, and none more so than the Lakers. Everything in this article seems clear to those who watch the game; watching him continue to chuck up low probably shots all year will be a great exercise in unintentional comedy. 

Comcast doesn't like HBO's streaming-only option
Yet another reminder on the importance of net neutrality.