No time for reading this week

This has been an absolutely crazy week! I've been booked back to back on meetings, and had almost no time to read, as I usually do. Here's an abbreviated list of four good articles that I did find time to read, though, and you should too:

Epidemics are not a natural occurrence
The continued ignorance of the Ebola epidemic in Africa is something I've touched on two weeks in a row. io9 did a piece to refute the idea you often hear about epidemics being a natural occurrence related to population control (like forest fires). They don't occur naturally, and that viewpoint leads to delays in action.

Obama has missed more than half his intelligence briefings
The President's conduct toward the military and intelligence communities has been absolutely shameful his entire term. He routinely throws generals and analysts under the bus as cover for  his own poor decisions. This article killed me - in light of his recent comments that he did not realize the true threat of ISIS, it comes out that he has been missing most of his daily intelligence briefings. It's not wonder we're caught so flat footed by many of the developments around the world.

The best flight money can buy
A brilliant fellow cashed in his frequent flyer miles to obtain a free $23,000 suites class flight on Singapore Airlines. He documented his trip via this blog post, and the pictures are amazing. Some day I'll cash in some miles for something like this (okay, probably not).

The Secret Service's track record of failure
I've always viewed the Secret Service in rarified air. While most of the government is poorly run and bloated, the Secret Service struck me as something that would have it together (given what it does!). This article was a depressing reminder that the culture of government is broken at all levels and in all organizations.