The future of the GOP, AI, and Tim Cook

About twenty minutes after I posted last week's links, Vox dropped the best article of the (last) week, so it got pushed to today:

Rand Paul's vision for foreign policy
I don't have any belief that Paul can win the presidency, or that he'd be an effective president, but I'll be damned if his vision for foreign policy doesn't almost perfectly align with mine. The neocon age is over (not that it ever should have started) and the Democrats have had no better vision. Paul's roadmap for our place in the world is something I hope he'll force during the primaries, and hold our next (Republican) president accountable to.

What ISIS hostages endure
Related to foreign policy, but on a much somber note, the NYT released a piece earlier this week that is a look at what ISIS hostages endure leading up to their execution. It's just excruciating to know that people are treated this way, and that our government has been unable to dislodge these terrorists from their place in Iraq/Syria. Read this, and appreciate how important it is that we act decisively against this group.

Tim Cook's Gay!
Not much to say about this, especially since everyone already knew, but I'm glad to see him finally come out. As the country's most powerful and prominent gay man, I think it was sending a mixed message for him to remain closeted amidst his open secret. Good for Tim, good for Apple, and good for the ongoing discussion about sexuality in America.

The isolation of Ted Cruz
Thank God. This man has done more damage to the conservative cause than anyone in the last few years. The Obama administration has presented opportunity after opportunity for the GOP to move the country back in the right direction, but his tactics, extreme (and ridiculous) views, and refusal to compromise has undercut real opportunity. He's not as smart as he thinks he is, and has no idea how to govern. I'm glad to see him being pushed to the fringes.

AI is a bad idea
A truly smart artificial intelligence is the worst idea ever. I've been thinking about the topic a lot every since I stumbled on Roko's Basilisk a year ago. I'm glad to hear someone like Elon Musk say it, but when it comes to AI: just because we could, doesn't mean we should.