Tuesday Tuneage, October 7

On Saturday evening I was with my friend Grant. Grant and I have known each other since college, and share an affinity for music. Earlier this year, I'd turned him on to the Avalanches and it became a significant topic of conversation throughout the evening.

I've not listened to Since I Left You in its entirety for a while now, but it's probably one of my all-time favorite albums. I didn't come upon it naturally; I had been browsing for new music to (completely legally?) download and decided to cruise Pitchfork's Top Albums of the 2000's. Every one of the top 20 albums I both knew and loved, with the exception of Since I Left You. I'd never even heard of it!

The few cuts below really don't do the album justice; it's meant to be listened to in one sitting all the way through. If you don't know the Avalanches, though, here's something to get you started: