Rajon Rondo is underrated & other links

For almost my entire life, the Celtics had been terrible. I came of age just as the Bird years were winding down (my memory of Bird is an old guy with a broken back, not the legend I've seen on tape) and had to endure the Rick Pitino years as my formative Celtics experience. The advent of the Big Three era not only got me back into the Celtics, but has since made the NBA my favorite sport to watch on TV.

What do we see in Rajon Rondo?
Like most people, I go back and forth on how I feel about Rondo, and what his future in Boston ought to be. This week, though, Kirk Goldsberry (whom I love!) has a great look at Rondo, his improvements in shooting, and where he might fit with the Celtics or another team going forward.

Ted Cruz continues to be a moron
Senator Cruz is a reason why most of America thinks the Republicans are morons. His tweet this week in regards to net neutrality affirmed my negative impression of him. This article makes a compelling case for why Republicans ought to support net neutrality (beyond everyone's universal hate for Comcast; seriously, how is no one running on a me vs. Comcast platform right now? Who wouldn't vote for that?). If you don't understand this issue, why Cruz is a dolt, then the Oatmeal has you covered.

Illegal spying is done locally, too!
Apparently the federal government is not the only group illegally spying on us. Slate has a profile of a technology called the Stingray, which allows local police to capture wireless communications. This technology is being used without a warrant and is unreliable enough that it's caught some innocent people in its wake. I understand the government's interest in technology, but the more we learn about what they're doing, I believe they have a radically different interpretation of the Constitution than I do.

Alex from Target's new life
I almost feel bad for #alexfromtarget. He's unwillingly been pulled into a global trend, and this article gives a glimpse of how his life has changed since becoming an Internet celebrity. I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who bring this kind of scrutiny on themselves, but can't help but feel bad for a kid who's life has been changed for reasons completely out of his control.

Christmas is cancelled in Maryland
Well, at least in the Montgomery County Public Schools. In the latest example of our politically correct, offend no-one culture gone wrong, all religious holidays are being removed from the school's calendar as simply being designated as days off. This is in response to a request by Islamic groups to have their holidays added to the calendar, as well. They're as upset with the response as everyone else - their intent was simply to add their holidays (and as the world's second-largest religion, I think that's fair).