My friend got his first byline in Wired!

The combination of holidays, travel, and just general family ridiculousness has robbed me of the opportunity to read much of anything this week. Since I assume that most people aren't sitting at their desk this Friday looking for things to read either, maybe that's okay!

Only two pieces this week, and the first...

Nate Beach-Westmoreland got his first byline (in Wired)!
A buddy of mine from growing up got his first byline this week, and it was on an article for Wired. Nate put together a commentary on the impact of the Sony hack and the US' necessary response, all of which I agree with. Congrats, Nate!

The declining impact of liberal thought
The Obama administration has been a series of successful liberal policy accomplishments. Despite this, and the mandate which he had when entering office, liberal ideas are now less popular than ever, and the administration has inflicted a deep political cost for the liberal agenda.  Walter Russell Mead has a look at why these ideas are so popular among elite institutions, and why, in turn, those institutions wield less influence than ever.