Nazis, racism, and the NFL; Friday links

I started this week with the usual collection of interesting stories I pick up from across the Internet, but over the last few days, the Ray Rice saga has consumed most of my reading time and energy. There's been enough written about it to this point, but I included two links at the end (including one I doubt most people have seen) to give a slightly different viewpoint.

The Good, Racist People
My friend Dwayne shared this story on his Facebook earlier this week. Somehow I'd totally missed the incident that spawned it (Forrest Whittaker being subjected to a frisking at an NYC deli, for no reason beyond his skin color), but the article raises interesting points about the way we treat racism and how comfortable we all are being racist - as long as we're not labeled as such.

The Long Game
From last week's Economist, a reminder that Putin has been absolutely having his way with the US and Western Europe in Ukraine, and that, despite the cease fire, our side has blundered this situation from the beginning, and is not positioned to turn it around soon.

Did Eichmann Think?
A few weeks ago, I watched the excellent HBO movie Conspiracy, and followed it up with the German film Downfall. The first one, especially, really disturbed me and caused me to spend some time thinking about how so many were complicit (and even active) in an event like the Holocaust. Eichmann was the organizer of the Holocaust, and this article helps examine his self perception and understanding of himself as "evil."

And now the NFL/Ray Rice stuff. Obviously the entire situation is beyond reprehensible, but here's two unique angles:

Roger Goodell: America's worst commissioner
I've been a Bill Simmons reader (and fan) since he got his original Page 2 column. This article was written a week before the Rice scandal became a fury this week (and he's followed it up with another article), but the points remain the same. The Ray Rice situation is the 10th or 11th thing that Goodell has butchered. He needs to be removed, no matter how much money he's made the owners.

The NFL's media patsies
Of which Peter King is public enemy #1. I used to read a lot of his MMQB columns, but have found him to become less relevant, lazier and more condescending over the last few years (I quite completely when his new, terrible Grantland knockoff site launched). King is only one of many writers who happily parrot every official line from the league, meaning readers like us don't have reporters, just PR organs masquerading as NFL broadcast partners. Bruce Allen takes King, and others, to task over this, and bravo. It's no coincidence that TMZ, the AP and Deadspin seem to be the only outlets actually interested in breaking this story.