Broken Philadelphia, Bob Gates, and more NFL

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with me knows the defining role that Scouting has played in my life. The new national president, former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, has been in office since May. I sincerely hope he has a similar effect as in his other major public service commitments and can help modernize Scouting. 

Are there still Boy Scouts?
This week's first article is a profile of Dr. Gates from Esquire. This piece runs in the October edition of the magazine, and talks about his vision for Scouting's future. It includes a nice tangent about Scouting working in an inner-city environment. I don't know if this really paints a picture of Scouting's future, but I certainly hope so.

The corrupt, terrible city of Philadelphia
I lived in Philadelphia for 2005 - 2007, and then returned again in 2013. There are a number of problems with this city (many of which are inescapable due to its size), but one thing people almost universally agree on is how corrupt and terribly managed it is. This article profiles a crime being perpetrated by the city, and it's not even remotely surprising. For follow up watch this.

Democrats and Republicans really are different
I'm not a huge fan of Ezra Klein, but I am a sucker for any article profiling the fundamentally different way people on opposite sides of the political spectrum think. In reading the article, it becomes clear that I'm an outlier (a Republican driven by compromise and capable governance). Jonathan Haidt has a great TED talk on a similar topic.

Together We Make Football
Presented without comment. Goodell needs to go.

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual
This is so cool! In 1970, NYC engaged Unimark to design a standard that made navigating the transit system possible (it had been a labyrinth previously). The resulting manual is a gem of design, but was lost until recently. The folks that found it have worked with the MTA to do a limited-time Kickstarter and put it back in print. Someone buy me this!