The Winners of 2014; 2015 starts with us

The week between Christmas and New Years is the absolute worst. I'm assuming everyone is on vacation, because it's been like pulling teeth to find anything worth reading this week. In a fit of boredom I went out and picked up 41, so that should tide me over until America's journalists get back to work.

Three things to think about this week, the first of which is near and dear to me:

It Starts With Us
As frustrating as I've found the Order of the Arrow to be lately, the one thing I continue to love working on is thematics for the national conference. Next summer we'll be hosting 15,000 Arrowmen from across the country at MSU, and I've been working with others to develop the conference theme. Here's a write-up of what we're planning, and a video of the presentation I wrote to reveal the theme to the planning committee of youth from across the country. I'll probably post some more in-depth thoughts on both this theme and other concepts we'd discussed at some point in the next few weeks.

The Winners of 2014
Walter Russell Mead dropped the only year-in-review article that I've found valuable yet, and it's a recap of the globe's winners of 2014. Although most of the news we've heard recently is focused on Eastern Europe and the Middle East, many of the winners they identify come from Asia (long forgotten from our "pivot" earlier in this administration). 

Untouched from 1918
Not much of an article, but I loved this photo essay from the Washington Post on a soldier's room in France. The soldier was killed during the first World War, and his room has remained as  it was when he died for almost 100 years. A strange monument to the past.

Happy New Year every one!