Bibi's disrespect & the life of an NHL dentist

This week's links open with me agreeing with Fox News, supporting the President, and strongly disagreeing with Israel. What an incredibly conflicting - and unusual! - to kick off another great week of content.

Boehner's outrageous plan to undermine Obama
I think the headline is a bit more sensational than the story itself, but as I mentioned above, when you're a GOP leader and even Fox is questioning your decision, it might be time to re-tread. The sad part about this is I agree with the fundamental premise here. The United States has torched the peace process, and Israel is absolutely right that the US is bungling the Iran nuclear negotiations as well. But agree or disagree, the President is still the President. I can't stand him, but asking another foreign leader to come address a joint session of Congress without even informing the executive branch? Poor form.

Mass surveillance not effective for finding terrorist
Here's an article that surprises exactly no one outside the Obama administration. Believe it or not, subjecting all of us to massive invasions of privacy doesn't actually make us safer. 

What time do you get to work?
I am not an early riser, and never have been; I usually get into the office between 930 and 10 in the morning. Five Thirty Eight this week looked at median arrival times for work across the country and in different metro areas. I am a late arrival by any standard, but man, people in the Midwest get going early.

Can changing economic factors explain obesity?
The disparity in weight between urban and rural dwellers is usually attributed to differences in of lifestyle. The National Bureau of Economic Research released a paper this week looking at the role in changing economic factors in driving obesity. It turns out that the cost of food (and access to places where it can be purchased in bulk) drives obesity as much as anything. Yes, America, we're so dumb that we'll just keep eating if we can afford it.

Related: all that food we're buying in bulk isn't safe
Apparently when food is found to be infected with E. Coli, Salmonella or any other disease, it's entirely at the discretion of the store that sold it on whether similar products should be recalled. That's the least stunning bit of information from this New Yorker feature, which dives into the world of food safety, recalls, and the agencies and attorneys that fight over this issue each day.

The Foxboro Farce
I'm sick of talking about #ballghazi or #deflategate or whatever the hell we're calling it. And I'm certainly not linking to Warren Sharp's stupid elementary-school level statistics article that I took down on Twitter the other day. As usual, though, Charlie Pierce wrote something awesome and it deserves to be read.

A wild night with an NHL dentist
And I thought my root canal was a bad experience.