Obama fails to inspire America — again

A few weeks ago, I posted a (rare) link on Facebook about how the President has mishandled Syrian refugees. The article itself did not pass judgement on whether we should accept refugees or not — it merely argued that the President's approach was ham-fisted. If the President thinks we should be providing refuge for Syrian refugees, 10,000 is such an insignificant number it reflects him not being genuine. If he thinks the refugees ought to be dealt with in Syria, then we need to be providing better ways to protect them. It's dithering, which has been the hallmark of the entire Obama presidency. It's a shame, because I don't know I always disagree with him in principle (another ground war in the Middle East is probably not a good idea!), but his lack of ability to make a decision, communicate it clearly, and project confidence has hurt us time and time again. So it was no surprise that a:

Rare Oval Office speech fails to inspire confidence
Anyone who asserts Obama is dumb (or a Muslim, or not an American, or any other of the ridiculous narratives that have popped up the last seven years) is off base. Regardless of what you think of a President’s policies, it takes a high level of intelligence and drive to become the most powerful man in the world. My belief in the President’s intelligence is why I continue to be so baffled by him. Many people reach different conclusions than I do, but they follow them through with vigor. Obama seems to be largely disinterested at this point, and I can’t help but wonder if the partisan rancor in Washington and the inability to win people across the globe to his worldview has expended him. As an academic, I think he truly believes that people ought to coalesce around the best idea; that’s not reality. It’s too bad, because he continues to erode American prestige as he rides out his final year in office.

Has the creator of Bitcoin been unmasked?
I’m not a Bitcoin user, so while I know a fair amount about it, I’ve been unaware of the great mystery about who started it. This recent article in Wired not only claims to reveal the creator of Bitcoin (which is already being disputed), but gives a history of the mystery behind who created it — and why that anonymity may be an asset to the currency. Whether this theory about Bitcoin’s creator proves out or not, it’s a great narrative and cool piece of investigation.