Soviet space guns & links

As one might imagine by the fact that I'm home posting links at 11PM on a Friday night, it's been another crazy week! It certainly hasn't helped that a bad hangover and two long business lunches conspired to kill a combined two days of my week. Here's a few things I was able to track down, starting off with the biggest trending topic on social this week:

Goodbye, Jon Stewart
I can't believe I'm admitting this in print, but in my younger days I was known to lean left. Those years coincided with the birth of the Jon Stewart Daily Show and later, The Colbert Report, and even as my political leanings changed I maintained a warm spot for both programs. I think I always understood his point as being more about the ridiculousness of our divided society and the moronic media (on both sides) that inhabit it than about one political viewpoint or another. I haven't actually watched an episode of the show in years, but I still feel as though our national dialogue is probably worse off not having Jon Stewart on air.

The badass Soviet space shotgun
Did the Russians send their cosmonauts to space with a giant gun? Yeah, you bet! The TP-82 was a gun with two shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel as well. It was meant for hunting bears if the cosmonauts crash landed off course and needed to survive, but I prefer thinking of it as the key prop in a 1980's space action adventure movie that never saw the light of day.

Android sales decline for the first time ever
Go Apple! (sorry, I'll turn off my Apply fanboy-ism).

Concerns about the Iranian nuclear deal
My alarm over how the Obama administration has pursued its dealings with Iran (please, Mr. Khomeini! Just give me a deal! Any deal at all!) is well documented here, and on plenty of the right-leaning blogs I read. It was crazy this week, though, to see both The New York Times and The Washington Post come out an express a similar sentiment, along with some historically left-leaning foreign policy experts. The article above lays out the three major concerns over the administration's approach perfectly, and should be required reading for every American right now.