Move along; nothing to see here

Multiple weeks in a row of more content than I could possibly consume, and then here we are, again: a week with almost nothing worth reading on the entirety of the Internet. Even Dear Prudence's columns were lame this week!

What ISIS really wants
This article has been everywhere the past week, including a takedown on Slate which I strongly disagree with. I have a better command of Islam than the typical American, I think, but am far from being any kind of scholar on the topic. Reading first-person viewpoints of both radical Islamists and scholars who understand the history of the religion was fascinating. This is a long article, but absolutely essential reading (including for the President!).

Death to the chicken finger
My culinary upbringing was exceptionally limited. When I got to college I'd never ate a foreign cuisine other than Chinese (the American iteration, not authentic). No sushi. No Turkish. No Moroccan. Not even a burrito! Ten years later I'm incredibly adventurous culinarily, and can't imagine living otherwise. My limited exposure to the culinary world wasn't by design - my parents eat the same way. This article looks at a new trend: people like myself, who eat varied cuisines and styles, but whose children subsist almost exclusively on chicken fingers and grilled cheese.