Tuesday Tuneage, February 24

I did not watch the Oscars on Sunday. Award shows are terribly boring, and I don't really feel like I need to endure the four-hour spectacle when I can just read the results the next morning. Oscar season, and more precisely the recognition of The Grand Budapest Hotel did get me thinking about Wes Anderson. 

I've loved his films since I first saw The Royal Tenenbaums in high school, and have consistently enjoyed being immersed in his very particular view of the world. I also appreciate his ability to pair great music with his films, so here we are with an all-Wes Anderson Tuesday Tuneage:

Bottle Rocket - Alone Again Or by Love

Rushmore - I am Waiting by the Rolling Stones

The Royal Tenenbaums - These Days by Nico

The Life Aquatic - Gut Feeling by Devo

The Darjeeling Limited - This Time Tomorrow by the Kinks