Want more sex? Eat grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is wonderful. Take the cheapest white bread possible, slater it in butter, toss some awful processed cheese product in there, grill it up and I'm a happy camper. Grilled cheese is wonderful, which is why I was not surprised to learn:

People who like grilled cheese have more sex
In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day on Sunday, Skout took a look at the 86% of Americans who love grilled cheese. We're more adventurous. We travel more. We give more to charity. And we have more sex. There's no way this is a coincidence; eating grilled cheese clearly makes you as awesome as grilled cheese itself. As for those who don't eat grilled cheese? You're probably terrorists. And virgins.

Could better data entry have stopped Darren Sharper?
Under 300 sexual assault cases are reported each year to the FBI's violent offender database. The database allows departments to coordinate crimes across multiple jurisdictions, but is completely voluntarily and results in major lapses in data. A person like Darren Sharper may commit rape in one state, move, and his prior history may be totally unknown to the police in his new jursidiction, even after arrest.

Is it time for AKP to move on from Erdogan?
Turkey is my favorite country to learn about. Beyond my personal connections, I'm riveted by the nation's role as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, and the evolution the country has endured from the different empires based in Istanbul, to Ataturk's republic, the military coups to preserve secular democracy and whatever today's system qualifies as. As troubling as AKP's rise has been, I wonder how much if it lays at the feet of the EU constantly treating Turkey as a second-class candidate for membership (in the most blatantly Islamophobic and typically European way!). The American Interest this week wonders, though, whether it's time for Erdogan's time at the top of AKP (and Turkey) to come to an end.