Ellen Pao and the naked workplace

Happy Easter! I'm looking forward to my family visiting this weekend from Boston and a great brunch together at the Union League. Since I know you're probably just killing time in your office this afternoon before the holiday weekend, here's some quality reading to get you to the end of the day:

Should we actively reach out to aliens?
The current approach to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is passive; we use our giant observatories to listen for radio waves coming from distant civilizations. There's a debate about whether we ought to be more active in beaming our transmissions to other solar systems, and what the potential impact of going out an "knocking on people's doors" might be. I agree with those who encourage us to leave well enough alone; I can't see a visit from a much more advanced civilization to Earth leading to much in the way of good.

Why are the Celtics are making a postseason push?
Brad Stevens is such a great coach. I suspect the Celtics are still going to be terrible another few years, but the fact that he's able to get them in position for an eight seed despite Ainge's best efforts to tank are at once depressing (high lottery pick, guys, come on!) and exciting (how good can we be a in weak East if we get some real talent?). I haven't watched as much Celtics as I should have this season.

Ellen Pao and the sexism you can't quite prove
The anecdote that starts this article about a husband and wife at a cocktail party, was uncomfortable to read. I believe the Kleiner Perkins case was decided correctly -- there was no clear evidence of discrimination. But how do we untangle the sexism that's less overt, unintentional, and even subconscious? 

The fight for gay marriage is about Selma envy
The thesis of this piece from The Federalist is that this generation's incredible desire to emulate the civil rights leaders of the 1960's have been a driver in the fight for gay rights, and that the only reason gay rights was selected as the cause célèbre is because it's a convenient issue that requires no sacrifice on the part of its advocates. While I reject this assertion (I happen to find the struggle for LGBT equality to have more to do with human decency than my desire to walk in the footsteps of MLK), I found this article's comments about the beatification of the civil rights movement, demonization of the silent majority and observations about how young people participate in social causes valuable. I've never changed a Facebook profile photo to support equality because it doesn't feel genuine. And I think this article hits on that in a real way: do we support equality because we really care (and we should!) or do we support it because it's a way to publicly assert ourselves amongst our network? 

Yemen is a failed model for US intervention
When I opened Vox the other day and found a lead article ripping apart the President's approach to the Middle East, I was stunned. When you've lost Ezra Klein, you're in trouble. There's no link on the Iran nuclear "deal" here this week by design, but if you read about how this administration approaches foreign policy and have any confidence in the final deal they're working towards with Iran will be in the best interest of our nation, I'm not sure what to say.

What our office learned working naked for one month
Woden has a new dress code! Or, lack thereof. Someone posted this article on Facebook yesterday and I could not get over the idea of spending my workday completely in the buff. I don't see this picking up like the open-office trend of a few years back, so enjoy the pictures of these naked people working.