Tuesday Tuneage, May 12

I'm going to post longer thoughts on an article this week from Vox about how the changing music economy is pinching labels, publishers and artists. I'm a proponent of music being paid for, and hope we'll come up with a way between streaming rights and downloads to compensate people for creating.

That said, the draconian approach of many publishers always surprises me. I wanted to post the song "You Know I Love You" from Watch the Throne this morning. Best I can tell, the Cassius beat in the song is protected by some overzealous publisher and there's virtually no trace of the song on YouTube. Again, I understand the need for being compensated, but it strikes me that sharing a low-fidelity version of the song here can only encourage an opportunity for a paid download in the future, and this kind of policing is self-harming.

On to tuneage: