BSA membership policy, Bruce Jenner, & links

Yes! I can now be assured I won't go the entire month of May without actually posting links on a Friday!

The big news, at least in my little world, this week was the announcement from the Boy Scouts of America's national president, Bob Gates, that the organization might change its stance of not allowing open homosexuals to serve as adult leaders:

"The status quo in our movement's membership standards can not be sustained."
Finally! When Dr. Gates assumed the national presidency a year ago, I was dismayed at his determination to table this issue during his term. I understood the tactical reason for that, but it did not alter my belief that a Scouting that is open to all (and by the way, cheering liberals: that means also open to Mormons and other conservative Christian groups) is the best things for America's youth. The path Dr. Gates has suggested is the right solution for the BSA: removing the national ban, but allowing chartered organizations to set their own standards. That means that if a unit chartered in a Roman Catholic church, for example, determined that an open homosexual was not the right leader, they're free to do so (just as they might determine not to permit a leader who makes other decisions not consistent with their ideology). That should allow the organization to progress in certain areas while waiting for more conservative groups to catch up - something that will no doubt happen eventually, just a little slower. It's not the perfect solution I might prefer in a vacuum, but it's the absolute best to ensure the most kids get to participate in Scouting.

Roger Goodell undermined his own credibility
One final word on Deflategate. Most of what has come out since the release of the Wells Report, the Patriots' rebuttal and Tom Brady's suspension has rehashed many of the same points, but this WaPo opinion piece lays the truth bare: this had nothing to do with deflated footballs and everything to do with a weak, despised, and capricious commissioner using Deflategate as an opportunity to reassert his waning authority. 

The athletic career of Bruce Jenner
Joe Posnanski needs to be read by more people. I feel as though he's been a bit under the radar since Sports on Earth crashed and burned, but he's right up there with Charlie Pierce in terms of great people writing today. This past week he wrote about Bruce Jenner the Olympian, and reminded everyone that he was once far more than a b-list reality TV star. I think the decline of the decathlon as a major sporting event mirrors a lot of the shifting attitudes in society, and found it to be a really clever way of using Jenner's event to describe the changes in society as well since he won Olympic gold.

The most minimalist house ever designed
Great architecture is so cool. Nothing to read here, just pictures of an incredible beautiful, minimalist house that I would love to own someday.

Stealing jokes on social media is a big deal
Is curating on the same level as creating? What about curating without credit? The Fat Jew (and others) have made hundreds of thousands of dollars stealing other people's jokes and broadcasting them to a huge audience. Where's the line on what's acceptable? A