DC comics can't make a movie, and riots in Baltimore

Another totally crazy week in the office means links on Sunday instead of Friday! I haven't slept more than four hours in a night since Tuesday, so I'm greatly looking forward to (what appears to be) a quieter week for me and the chance to catch up on some rest! Despite this carping about my schedule, I did manage to find a few decent, interesting things this week:

Why DC sucks at making comic book movies
Well, at least since the Tim Burton Batman. I enjoyed the Dark Knight trilogy a lot, but I think it's a stretch to call them comic book movies. Campiness and humor (dark, in the case of Burton) alongside action helps define for me what a comic book movie is about. The Hollywood Reporter examines DC's rushed and half-baked attempts to copy Marvel's success, and it's pretty damning of their process. Based on the trailer for Superman vs. Batman, I'm inclined to agree that DC just isn't cut out for this.

Why CNN is incapable of understanding street violence
Baltimore cops are arrested at stunningly high rates
Is the violence in Baltimore really gang-driven?
What happened this past week in Baltimore is just appalling, from all sides. I try to avoid commentary on these things since my inability to appreciate or understand the nature of the inner-city, impoverished minority experience can make my comments seem insensitive. What I will say is that the three articles above paint a pretty damning picture of what's going on: an out of touch and poorly-run police department, alongside a media culture that minimizes the realities or nuances of the situation in favor of shock, results in a a conflagration that blinds those not on the ground to the realities of what's occurring, and how to solve it.

Bridgegate is not the Port Authority's issue
The Port Authority of NY & NJ was in the news last year tied to the Bridgegate scandal which torpedoed Chris Christie's campaign before it really got off the ground. Bloomberg makes a case that that scandal is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to political interference in this agency. For an organization that has such a vital role in the economy, transportation and safety of the Northeast, it's disheartening to see it manipulated in ways that might hamper its effectiveness in the future.