Tuesday Tuneage, June 30

Yes, I know it's actually Wednesday, July 1. Apparently an all-Beck Tuesday Tuneage the other day knocked me out of commission for two weeks plus on this front (which is too bad, considering it's my favorite thing to post each week).

On Monday, I drove out to King of Prussia for dinner with a good Scouting friend of mine. I brought with me a young man who also does some Scouting work with us, and on the way home shuffle found Protect Ya Neck by the Wu-Tang Clan. As I was rapping along, the young man commented that he had never heard anything by the Wu-Tang. This was surprising at first, until I realized that my first introduction to them happened before he was even born. Getting old is weak.

For Mr. Mike DeSocio (and all other uninitiated), here's an all-Wu-Tang Tuneage. Next week, back to actually doing more than one artist.