Reading for your holiday weekend

Happy Independence Day! I'm so glad to be spending this holiday weekend up in Boston with my family for our annual Independence Day gathering - my parents were both born on July 3 (exactly one year apart!), so this is the one time per year that all of my siblings and I make it back to town to celebrate and be together.

Hopefully, like us, you'll be spending some time this weekend in the backyard or on the beach. Accordingly, here's some great reading for your holiday weekend:

Good luck voting this weekend, Greece!
The American Interest argues that if Greeks head to the poll this weekend and kick themselves out of the Euro, any short term pain is more than worth it: in the long run, the currency will be stronger, the Eurozone's policies taken more seriously, and the remaining economies more dynamic.

To that end, Greeks: vote however you want because we all hate you
Of course, this whole situation rests squarely on the shoulders of a Greek government that was elected on wholly unrealistic promises. Bloomberg describes why this situation is different from the last Greek crisis - and why Europe doesn't care if the Greeks walk this time.

We're closer to war with Russia than we think
The absolute must-read of the week. There's a lot of noise and saber-rattling related to Russia these days, but Vox takes a really deep dive (with a mountain of great links) to look at how truly close we are to armed conflict with Russia, and why that may be a more terrifying proposition than anyone is ready to discuss.

And finally, a piece appropriate to this exact holiday:

Goodbye, America
A British man of color says goodbye to America after living here a great many years. The perspective of someone who was unencumbered by the historical American treatment of those of color, yet had to deal with its ramifications daily, is a great read. All of us should read this as we celebrate our independence to understand where we are, how far we've come, and how far we still might have to go.