Pedro was the greatest; Boston 2024 & links

I'm a little more than a day late on links this week, as I arrived at NOAC on Thursday and the concept of a calendar has been totally useless. Before I jetted off for the next 10 days in Michigan, there were a bevy of great links - here's some ready for your lazy Sunday morning, starting with the Hall of Fame induction of one of my favorite Red Sox of all time:

Pedro Martinez was the greatest ever
Growing up, Tim Wakefield was always my favorite Red Sox. But nothing, nothing, nothing ever matched when Pedro was pitching. Baseball isn't always appointment viewing, but any day Pedro was starting I felt like I had to be watching the Red Sox. So great to see a no-doubt Hall of Famer from day one in Cooperstown, and to see 45 up on the wall alongside 9, 4, 1, 8, 27, 6 and 14.

Cool at 13, washed out at 23
Turns out the cliche about kids in high school washing out and becoming townies is true. Kids who are in the "cool" crowd in middle school absorb a lot of pressure to lead their peers, and the resulting effect means hanging out with older kids, taking more risky behaviors, and other factors that negatively affect them later in life.

Boy Scouts policies move forward; more change needed
Woden worker Mike DeSocio got an op-ed posted in Slate this week! The BSA finally made its new membership policy official, and Mike opined with a great piece on how the change is welcome, but there's even more work to be done. I'm so proud of one of our team members getting published in a major publication -- great work, Mike!

The end of Boston 2024
Anyone who actually lives in Boston knows that the idea of hosting the Olympics in Boston was awful from the start. While he was not on this side of the fence at the get-go, it was great to see the mayor finally announce his intent to kill the Boston 2024 bid. 

Vin Baker conquers demons; manages Starbucks
A final, inspirational note for the week: we so often hear about athletes who blow through their cash, go broke, and end up bankrupt and ruined. The criminally underrated Providence Journal has a terrific piece on how a former NBA star has passed these travails and reinvigorated himself working for Starbucks.