Tuesday Tuneage, August 25

At some point, I'm going to do a high school flashback Tuesday Tuneage. I really came into my music-listening own toward the end of high school (thanks, largely, to the timely interventions of Jeff Hefler and Andrew Gartrell) — but not after enduring an embarrassing punk rock phase in sophomore year. You would have seen me running around in 2000 wearing Dickies and lugging a messenger back covered in Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat patches. I remember causes that seemed so vital to to me at 16: Nazi Punks Fuck Off! and straight edge that in hindsight are laughable. So just as I grew out of Minor Threat, so did their front man, to form a band I just really do not listen to enough: Fugazi. Here's a badass performance of Repeater, plus three other cuts for this week.