Rahm's a dirtbag, and Kobe was almost a Celtic

Happy New Year! 2016 is here and I can’t say I’ve been more optimistic about a year in some time. 2015 was a building year in a lot of ways, but came together in the fourth quarter such that I really believe the coming year will be one of my best.

Despite travels and meetings this week, I was able to squeeze in a little bit of reading:

The sudden fall of Rahm Emanuel
As a non-Democrat and a non-Chicagoan, I’ve been on the periphery of the news about Mayor Emanuel. After reading this piece in the New Yorker: wow. This guy is an absolute dirtbag. Not only in how he’s handled Chicago, but his whole political career. One interesting thing about this article: it covers pretty extensively all the things he’s done from the Clinton administration through today. Yet there is not a single mention of his time in the Obama administration. I’m a little suspicious that a man with this kind of track record had a completely clean nose when he was Chief of Staff — and would be curious to see some more digging on that.

Why college costs so much
I’m not sure I totally buy the argument in this article that administrative costs are wholly driving increased tuition. There is an underlying current of what happens when you totally unhinge something from market forces. Cheap financing and free money permit an explosion of expense and administrative bloat since there’s nothing holding it back. The best thing we could do for college would be to make it harder to get the money to go, as it would force prices down to keep enrollment.

How Kobe almost became a Celtic
I can’t imagine how differently the Celtics would have looked had they drafted Kobe. It seems like no one realizes how close they were to taking Kobe in the 1996 draft — including Kobe. I’m glad they did not, because as gifted as he is I’m not a big fan of Kobe’s game (and we certainly would not have had the Pierce/Garnett/Allen years). But a totally cool story about how we were this close to having the Mamba.