Party loyalty has limits

Travel and an entire day of back-to-back-to-back interviews left almost no time this week for reading. I almost didn’t post any links, as even now I’m sitting in San Francisco waiting for a flight back to the East Coast. But Donald Trump’s latest round of comments — asserting (probably correctly) that his followers wouldn’t abandon him even if shot somebody — compel me to share the only thing I really saw this week.

Why I will never vote for Donald Trump
Peter Wehner editorialized in the January 14 New York Times on why he, and any true conservative, ought to dismiss the notion of voting for Donald Trump. The reasons are pretty self-evident, but for those considering him a fall-back if he emerges victorious, take a pass.

Of course, Ted Cruz is equally as bad. I’m not sure which of the two would be more damaging long-term to the party (there have been cases made for both). But how any self-respecting American conservative would consider voting for either is beyond me. The GOP has, at times, fielded uninspiring candidates, but the recent worst of them (Dole, McCain) were undisputedly authentic conservatives who believed in the best of America and government. I do not believe that to be true of either leading candidate today.