Elizabeth Warren is a danger to America

There’s been a lot of digital ink in the last couple years about the divisiveness in Washington. While the GOP has done itself (and the country) no favors in being foolishly obstructionist about certain issues, there’s been far less attention devoted to how the Democrats have used regulatory tools to advance liberal causes in ways that are unbelievable. Change in the country is supposed to be hard, but the Democratic party’s leftward shift has resulted in evading the legislature completely in favor of using executive branch agencies to effectively create law: from marijuana to gender issues to privacy to finance.

The problem with Elizabeth Warren
Ground zero for this change, and the worst sitting senator, is my home state’s Elizabeth Warren. She is the defining example of a liberal law maker so convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority that they’ll ignore all the pesky, inconvenient processes required for making laws in favor of advancing her personal cause.

Why the House leans right
This narrow, liberal worldview is entrenched via the removal most liberals have from the wider body of America. For all their complaining about gerrymandering, the root of GOP dominance across the country in every place but the White House is driven by the fact that Democrats live in highly concentrated urban areas where they overwhelmingly carry the vote, as opposed to the GOP’s nationwide strength in more diverse districts. Democrats represent an equal number of people as Republicans, but are distributed in a way that it’s much less representative of the country.

Inside the Trump bunker
Of course, having the White House is still an important component to keeping the country moving in the right direction. And when you read about the Trump organization’s plans after its loss, you wonder if there’s any path to the GOP building a winning coalition. It’s clear that Trump/Bannon intend to continue to be a force in the GOP going forward. Given the rhetoric the past few months, I don’t see how that results in adapting to the suggestions in the 2012 autopsy report and winning — even in four years.

A splintered Middle East in freefall
It’s easy to forget we still have 90 days left with the White House’s current occupant. When you’re a Democratic president and the New York Times has turned against you, you know you’re in trouble. Earlier this week they looked at what an absolute disaster the Middle East is: somehow even worse than when Obama took office. Clinton (or Trump, I guess) has a giant mess to clean up thanks to feckless Obama’s poor decision making.

Tim Cook is Steve Balmer
Apple’s decline over the past few years has been sad to watch. VentureBeat makes a compelling case that not only should this have been expected, but that it’s wholly typical for companies replacing dynamic leaders. Cook has done exactly what he does best: improve efficiency, manage operations, and drive profits. The problem is that it’s taken the company completely off from it’s innovative path.

Go ahead and beat your wife: just keep it out of the end zone
Roger Goodell continues to be a national embarrassment. He inherited the leadership of the NFL with every conceivable advantage, and through his ham-fisted leadership and terrible judgement has squandered the league’s dominant position in sports entertainment. That he continues to punish end zone celebrations more aggressively than domestic abuse or on-field violence shows he is not only misguided — but incapable of learning.