Tuesday Tuneage, February 16

After neglecting writing completely for the first half of February, I’m making up for it with three posts in three days! Yesterday, a member of the Woden team asked me if having a personal website brought us any business, and if he ought to make one, too. While one business inquiry and three potential employees (including one we hired!) have come to me through this site, I offered that the real reason I keep it up is because I enjoy it. The discussion was actually very self-affirming for why I post multiple times a week to a blog that only about 100 people see each week — I truly enjoy thinking about my life (through music), sharing my opinions on the world (through links), and writing the occasional longer piece when I really have something to say. For the first tuneage in a while, here are a few appropriate cuts that have been sitting in iTunes due to Sunday’s wholly manufactured but observed holiday: