Tuesday Tuneage, March 1

Last Wednesday, I got one of those ominous "Call me immediately" text messages from my friend Jeff Hefler. Usually a message like that from Jeff presages some kind of embarrassing story or advice in a crisis. Instead, when I returned his call, he shared our friend from high school, Andy Connors, had passed away. We have already lost a fair amount of people we knew when we were younger, but usually they're losses I can rationalize: suicides, accidents, combat. Andy apparently just came home after drumming in a show Saturday evening and passed away randomly in the night. Losses without reason or cause feel so unfinished — and now I feel the sadness of someone who lost touch over the years and will never have the chance to reconnect. Andy's favorite band was Hum, and given 30 seconds to talk about music he would inevitably sing their praises. In fact, Downward is Heavenward is probably the only album he ever lent me all through high school: