How do you vote for nobody?

Has there ever been an election where the candidates both were viewed negatively by the general public? Latest polling has Hillary Clinton at -13 and Donald Trump at -28 favorability (meaning that in a poll of the public, 13% and 28% more people have a negative than positive view) ratings. This isn’t even saying who someone would vote for — just that we really don’t like either of these people. I can’t imagine who I would vote for in that hypothetical matchup. In fact, the US 2016 election is looking more and more like:

The 1996 Russian presidential election
If you think Russia has been on a real upswing for the past 20 years, this is exciting. I am terrified anytime there are parallels between us and Russia, and the dynamic of the 1996 election is a little close for comfort. 1996 was still pre-Putin, but it was the last gasp of Boris Yelstin who defeated an effort to restore the Communist party. That victory was short-lived, as Yelstin’s illness forced him to step aside for Vladimir Putin. 

What does the Middle East think of Donald Trump?
Not surprisingly, they are not fans. What I thought was more telling was something we don’t report on often: how abandoned the world feels by the Obama administration. We are constantly being told that we’re too involved there, that they want us out, and that we shouldn’t be on the ground. Yet, this article mentions countries turning eastward because the US is “no longer a reliable ally.” Our role in destabilizing the Middle East was a shame. Turning our back on it is no better.