I am not a millenial

I’m going to do my best to no longer post links about Donald Trump. There are two related articles today, but it’s clear after my scree a few weeks ago how I feel about his nomination, and I imagine that anything else I post will just feed the echo chamber of coverage about him. I continue to hope that the party will do something — anything — to deny him the nomination, and will be casting my vote in the Pennsylvania primary for John Kasich (only three points behind!). In hopes of turning said new page:

Fuck you, I’m not a millennial
No Trump, but the hostility remains! This Medium post by the perfectly-named Patrick Hipp really sums of the challenges of someone born in 1984, but largely with the mentality of someone born in 1974. In almost every organization I belong to (Scouting, Masonry, the Union League) I am the youngest person. My age, along with my vocation, often have me identified as the representative or expert on “millennials.” The truth is that I hate Snapchat and don’t get them any more than you do. This post does a great job rethinking the generational divides and, at least for me, well encapsulates how I feel in spite of others’ impressions.

What a contested convention might look like
Noted survivor of three feisty GOP conventions Tanya Melich writes in Vox this week about what it is like to be at a convention with true animosity. While none of her experiences represented a true contested convention as is being discussed this year, it speaks in supports of the vague threats to riot of the likely delegate leader is denied the nomination. Usually I keep an eye on the conventions, but do not follow them intensely. I imagine this year I’ll be very, very tuned in if anyone is short of 1,237.

The GOP delegate leader hates women
Since he’s not actually the front runner (sorry, but 38% of the vote doesn’t make you our standard-bearer), I’ll refer to him instead as the leader in delegates. Anyway: up until now I was chalking up his comments about Megyn Kelly as an insecure person lashing out the way he does at everyone else. The Heidi Cruz thing pushed me to this article in Slate, and it’s really amazing how he sees himself relative to other people, especially women. How a single woman, minority (of religion, color or orientation), conservative, or Christian (and those two groups have to make up 80% of America!) could vote for him is mind-blowing.