Closed-minded: the liberal blind spot

The most important thing the President must do is defend the Constitution of the United States. It’s the same fundamental duty every office holder (and ideally, every American) assumes: to defend our republic, place it’s preservation above our own needs, and ensure the government is kept within its bounds. In an earlier, long post about why Donald Trump is absolutely unqualified to become president, I noted his disregard for the constitution as a primary reason. 

I’m sure Donald Trump understands the government better than he lets on publicly. But his attacks against the racial background of a federal judge are beyond unacceptable for any office holder — especially a candidate for the highest office in the land. How he continues to receive the support he does baffles me. 

American traditions in an America wary of Muslims
My affiliation with the Boy Scouts continues to be something I’m proud of. The Washington Post ran a magazine article on Memorial Day that tells the story of Muslim Scouts demonstrating their patriotism and commitment to America, in a country that (during this campaign) seems increasingly turned against them. It’s exhibit one in the cases both for why America needs Scouting, and for why wholesale condemnation of religions or ethnicities is not just morally wrong — but factually unfounded.

The liberal blind spot
Being a conservative from Boston who grew up in the Scouts and lived in New Jersey, my social feeds are an amazing hodgepodge of far left and far right opinions. This New York Times piece captures a trend I’ve noticed that liberals seem terribly blind to: their willingness to criticize those who think differently from them with the same kind of close-mindedness they ascribe to conservatives. When a politician claims the climate isn’t changing, it’s totally fair to criticize him as wrong. Science has settled that debate. But ridiculing people because they believe in God? Or believe that abortion represents the murder of an unborn child? Or because they believe that the government should do less? These are totally justifiable viewpoints and opinions. When liberals see themselves as smug and superior, it only continues to polarize the debate. There’s a lot I’ve taken conservatives to task for in my writing, but the idea that it’s one-sided is beyond laughable.