Tuesday Tuneage, July 12

Since I Left You was out for almost 10 years before I stumbled upon it, thanks to Pitchfork's pretentious decennial statement on which music matters. It quickly because my single favorite record of all-time (iTunes reports I've listened to it 58 times in its entirety since January 2013), and the one I've recommended to more people than any other. You can imagine my significant excitement this past week when after 16 years the Avalanches finally released their sophomore effort: Wildflower

No, it's not as good as Since I Left You. That's also not a bar I think is particularly fair to set. It's still an absolutely great record summed up by my friend Grant: "I don't know what kind of world they're building, but I want to live in it." Because it's new and because record companies apparently believe you hearing music makes you less likely to buy it, there are only three tracks available on YouTube. In addition to the two below, "Because I'm Me" was a standout that I've had on constantly since last week.