Fifteen years and four (five?) rings

The past three weeks have been absolutely insane. Woden has been off to an incredible start this year, and I have simply not had the time to read much of value — and certainly not to post about it. Of course, my lack of reading has been well-timed, as it’s coincided with the birth of the Trump presidency (something I am gladly avoiding). So instead, we’ll start with more joyous news:

An oral history of the Snow Game
Fifteen years ago, my New England Patriots began their dynasty — and I’m excitedly watching the march to our next ring as part of the celebration. The Ringer published an oral history of the night it all began: the Snow Game against the Raiders. I remember how incredible it was to watch this game at the time, and hearing the first-person perspectives from the people who were there is a reminder of what an unreal game it was. After a year of feeling “meh” about the NFL, and I’m tuned back in just in time.

The mixed story of Obama’s economy
Throughout the campaign, it seems as if the left and right were talking about the economy of two distinct countries. One saw an America stronger than it has ever been; the other a country in almost irrevocable decline. This analysis of the economy during the Obama years provides a convincing explanation for why this is. The results, in fact, were terribly uneven. Not surprisingly, they also overlap with where and how people voted.

America First
Despite being tuned out of the news, I did watch the Inauguration. I’m not sure how anyone is still expecting the Trump pivot, but apparently a good number of Republicans came away shocked that there will not be a conservative president in the White House. For conservatives, the Trump victory (for however long it lasts), may in fact be worse than what a loss could have been.